What is a in ear sound amplifier?

 ​If you want to get back to enjoy the sounds of everyday life, wearing a digital sound amplifier hidden in ear, is a good choice.

It has the best price in the market which is affordable for any budget.

This mini Hearing Amplifier is very tiny, invisible, cosmetic, exquisite, Super mini size and light weight, not easily to be seen, It works with Size 10 Battery. the G-16 Hearing Amplifier is most appropiate for adults and seniors mild to moderate losses

What product we use:

Hearing amplifiers are helpful for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who need a bit of assistance when watching TV, during conversations, or when in a noisy situation like a restaurant.

Hearing amplifiers, also known as personal sound amplifier products (PSAP), are wearable electronic products that are intended to amplify sounds for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss and need extra amplification.

PSAPs are not considered hearing aids, although a large number of people use personal sound options as a much cheaper alternative to high-priced professional options


In Ear Invisible sound amplifier Features:

1. Hearing Amplifier appropiate for mild to moderate loss
2. Fitting to eight ear right or left  
3. Moving-iron speaker hearing aid device
4. Max Sound output:(dB)  115dB
5. Peak Gain(dB) : ≤ 35dB
6. Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤​ 5% 
7. Input noise(dB): ≤ 28dB
8. Comfortable mini size only 2/5 inch
9. Unit packing Box weight:50g
10. Light weight: 1.2g only
12. 1 year warranty

How does the in ear sound amplifier work?

A personal in ear sound amplifier is not the same thing as a hearing aid. People wear a personal sound amplifier in or on the ear. It amplifies sound so that you can watch TV quietly or perhaps hear children sleeping in the next room. They work by picking up noises with a microphone and amplifying the sound into your ear. They can be quite convenient for hearing noises no one would ordinarily be able to hear. Their intention is to give someone without hearing loss a kind of superpower hearing rather than to make up for hearing loss.

The amplifier increases the power of the signals and then sends them to the ear through a speaker.

(If you have more serious hearing loss. Talk to your audiologist about your options.)

 When do you need an in ear sound amplifier and why?

Whether it’s old age or loud music we all have the capability of having this problem, hearing loss is an individual problem by many people. Discovering this problem is not the end of the world because of the in ear sound amplifier! This product will help you to hear more clearly in many conversations you may have in the future or whenever you listen to music, watching television etc. It’s a device that will make your life so much easier and so much better. This product is recommended for anyone with a hearing problem. This is a new technology device that has made it possible for anyone with hearing problems to hear more clearly whether its music, people or even watching tv, this technology made a big difference for so many people, a difference that helps in so many ways. To answer the questions when do i need this device:  as soon as you have a problem with your hearing and  why, you will need this device because this product is help for your ears to hear sounds better!

Top Causes

Exposure to loud noise


Benign tumors

Head or ear injuries

Viral infections

Damage sensory cells


Malformations or syndromes


We sanitize all products before shipment

Price is R2999 Each (Fits any ear)
3 Months  guarantee
7 day money back guarantee


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